Integrating sphere material fluorescence spectral characteristic measurement kit 
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The system adopts an inverted integrating sphere design and a liftable sample stage, which can quickly, conveniently and accurately measure the fluorescence spectrum of powder-loaded flake samples. If the relative intensity calibration of the system is performed, the chrom aticity parameters of the fluorescence spectrum can be measured. Absolute intensity calibration can be performed on the system, then the absolute intensity of the fluorescence spectrum can be measured, which is convenient for users to calculate the corresponding conversion efficiency.


  • Integrating sphere upside down design, convenient for powder sample measurement

  • Flexible system configuration to meet user needs

  • Professional software, can meet the spectrum measurement, colorimetric measurement, etc.


  • Fluorescence spectral measurement of powder samples

  • Fluorescence spectral measurement of bulk samples

  • Fluorescence spectral measurement of sheet sample

Parts List

Wavelength rangeVIS-NIR


350-1050nm,resolution ~1nm

(Spectrometer specifications can be adjusted according to actual application needs)

Light sourceSelect the appropriate excitation light source according to the application
FiberSIM-6102-1010,Quartz fiberneed 2 pcs
Integrating SphereSelect the appropriate inverted integral hemisphere according to the application
Integrating Sphere StageHeight-adjustable sample stage
SoftwareBSV spectral analysis software

*For detailed parameters of each part, please click the link in the table

Measurement case:


Fluorescence spectrum of a sample

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