Immersion spectral absorbance measurement kit, using immersion probe 
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When a beam of light passes through a light-absorbing substance (usually a solution), the solute absorbs light energy and the intensity of the light decreases. Absorbance is a physical quantity used to measure the degree of light absorption. Based on the absorbance measurement is simple and easy to implement and easy to use, absorbance measurement is widely used in liquid and gas spectrum measurement technology, the application can also be integrated into the industrial application environment and customers concerned about the test. Absorbance spectroscopy can quantitatively identify substances, or quantitative analysis of the concentration of moleculesin solution. The structure of the immersion optical fiber probe is equivalent to a sampling structure at the probe site. The light emitted by the light source is reflected by the optical path of the probe, so that the beam passes through the liquid to be measured and then returned to the spectrometer for analysis. Because of this special structure, there is no need to sample and measure from the sample, only need to put the probe into the liquid to be measured, so it is more suitable for online monitoring of the liquid.


The direct relationship between the absorbance and concentration of a solution is called Lambert-beer's law. The spectrometer can be used to test several sets of solution samples with known molar concentration to calculate the matching curve between the solution absorbance and concentration, so as to measure the solution samples with unknown concentration.


• No sampling required, simple operation

• 24-hour online monitoring

• Good repeatability, high measurement accuracy and fast detection
• Absorbance value can be read in real time, data can be repeatedly imported, read and used


• Liquid absorbance measurement

• Solution concentration measurement

Parts List

Wavelength rangeUV-VIS


200-900nm,resolution ~1nm

Light sourceBIM-6213,Mini-Deuterium Halogen Light source
Fiber optic probeSIM-6303-0615,Immersion fiber optic probe
SoftwareBSV spectral analysis software

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Measurement case: KMnO4 solution


Absorbance curves of KMnO4 solutions with different concentrations


Establish a concentration data model to measure KMnO4 solution of unknown concentration

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