Spectral absorbance measurement kit for cuvette sampling 
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When a beam of light passes through a light-absorbing substance (usually a solution), the solute absorbs light energy and the intensity of the light decreases. Absorbance is a physical quantity used to measure the degree of light absorption. Based on the absorbance measurement is simple and easy to implement and easy to use, absorbance measurement is widely used in liquid and gas spectral measurement technology, it can also integrate the application into the industrial application environment and customers concerned about the test. Absorbance spectroscopy can quantitatively identify substances, or it can quantitatively analyze the concentration of molecules in a solution.

Compared with the traditional experiment to determine the absorbance, the spectrometer test is simple and efficient, and the experimental results are accurate and reliable, which frees scientific researchers from complicated experimental operations and reduces human errors. The spectrometer is based on a modular design, and you can change the equipment layout according to changing experimental needs; replaceable equipment layout, continuously upgraded experimental operations and applications make it possible for a varietyof experimental applications now and in the future.


The direct relationship between the absorbance and concentration of a solution is called Lambert-beer's lawThe spectrometer can be used to test several sets of solution samples with known molar concentration to calculate the matching curve between the solution absorbance and concentration, so as to measure the solution samples with unknown concentration.


• No darkroom operation, simple operation, low reagent consumption, good repeatability, high measurement accuracy and fast detection
• Absorbance value can be read in real time, data can be repeatedly imported, read and used


• Liquid absorbance measurement

• Solution concentration measurement

Parts List

Wavelength rangeUV-VISVIS-NIR


200-900nm,resolution ~1nm


400-1100nm,resolution ~1nm

Light SourceBIM-6213,Mini-Deuterium Tungsten light source
FiberSIM-6102-0605,Quartz fiber‍   need 2 pcs
Cuvette HolderBIM-6305-01,Universal cuvette holder
SIM-6301-Q10,Quartz cuvette, 10mm optical path, 2 pc‍s
SoftwareBSV spectral analysis software

*For detailed parameters of each part, please click the link in the table

Measurement case: KMnO4 solution


Absorbance curves of KMnO4 solutions with different concentrations


Establish concentration data model to measure KMnO4 solution of unknown concentration

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