Integrating sphere spectral transmittance measurement kit 
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Spectral transmittance refers to the ratio of the radiant luminous flux emitted from the optical system to the radiant luminous flux projected to the optical system, and reflects the reference standard of the radiant luminous flux loss of the entire optical system. The measurement of the spectral transmittance of transparent and translucent objects (including liquids, glass, etc.) has great practical significance and application value. For example, the quality of the filter is evaluated based on the spectral transmittance of the filter; the glass transmittance is an important indicator for testing the qualification of glass; the transparency of liquids in the fields of medical hygiene, industrial production, chemical synthesis, etc. .

Compared with the traditional experiment to measure the transmittance, the spectral kit with the spectrometer as the core is simple and efficient in testing, and the experimental results are accurate and reliable, which frees scientific researchers from complicated experimental operations and reduces human errors. At the same time, the layout of the equipment can be changed according to the changing experimental requirements; the continuously upgraded experimental operations and applications make it possible for a variety of experimental applications now and in the future.

When the measuring object is a curved surface, the standard light will enter the material perpendicularly, and the refracted light will no longer propagate according to the original path due to the refraction effect of the light. At this time, it is difficult to collect the refracted light with an optical fiber, but it must be changed to an integrating sphere, and all propagation paths of the refracted light are envelope in the integrating sphere and then collected.


• Can measure the spectral transmittance of curved materials

• Easy sample placement, no need to customize sample fixture

• Easy operation, good repeatability and fast detection
• Transmittance value can be read in real time, data can be repeatedly imported, read and used

• Automatic reading of peak wavelength, center wavelength, FWHM and transmittance values


• Spectral transmittance measurement of flat or curved materials

Parts List

Wavelength rangeUV-VISVIS-NIR


200-900nm,resolution ~1nm


400-1100nm,resolution ~1nm

Light SourceBIM-6203,Deuterium tungsten light source,230-2500nm
FiberSIM-6102-1015-TA/SMA,Quartz fiber
StageBIM-6303,Double-point Reflection Stage
Integrating SphereSIM-3001-02501A,Integrating Sphere for Absolute and Relative Irradiance, 1inch
softwareBSV spectral analysis software

*For detailed parameters of each part, please click the link in the table

Measurement case: Spectral transmittance of filter


Spectral transmittance of different filters

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