Integrating sphere spectral reflectance measurement kit 
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Reflection and transmission are the basic optical properties of an item, and also the basic content of spectral measurement. For different types of samples, in order to obtain the best spectral measurement data, the two basic modes of reflection and transmission will evolve into more forms. There are mainly two kinds of reflections on the surface of the object: mirror reflection and diffuse reflection. The reflection of light on a perfectly flat surface is mirror. The reflection of light on a rough surface is diffuse. The reflection of light on the surface of most objects is somewhere in between. Reflectance measurement can be used to measure the reflectivity of components, measure the reflected color of objects and the composition information in chemical samples.

When measuring reflectivity, we must consider whether the reflection of the sample is mirror or diffuse. We observed that most of the color of the object is based on diffuse reflection, and most of the very dazzling or very bright sample surfaces are both mirror reflection and diffuse reflection. When we measure the reflection of an object, it is very important to determine which type of reflection is mainly on the surface of the object. In addition, we need to determine whether we want to receive all or part of the reflected light. In food applications, most reflection measurements are based on diffuse reflection.


• Easy sample placement, no need to customize sample fixture

• Simple operation, good repeatability and fast detection
• The reflectance value can be read in real time, and the data can be repeatedly imported, read and used

• No darkroom operation


• Suitable for diffuse or mirror reflection measurement of flat or curved materials

Parts List

Wavelength rangeUV-VISVIS-NIR


200-900nm,resolution ~1nm


400-1100nm,resolution ~1nm

Light SourceBIM-6203,Deuterium tungsten light source,230-2500nm
FiberSIM-6102-1010,Quartz fiber ‍ Quantity: 2
Integrating SphereSIM-3003-02501,Integrating Sphere for Reflective Spectrum, 1inch
Integrating Sphere StageBIM-6316-25,‍Integrating Sphere Stage
StandardBIM-6326-30,Mirror reflectance standard‍ or   BIM-6304-20,Diffuse Reflectance Standard
SoftwareBSV spectral analysis software

*For detailed parameters of each part, please click the link in the table

Measurement case: Spectral reflectance of paper


Spectral reflectance of different color papers

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