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Article list


2020-03-26 Raman

Raman spectroscopy is based on the scattering effect discovered by Indian scientist Raman, and analyzes the scattering s...

2020-02-21 Spectrometer

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2020-02-20 Optical Power Meter

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The absorbance spectrum can be used as a qualitative tool to identify or as a quantitative tool to measure the concentra...

Spectral transmittance is the ratio of the transmitted light intensity to the total light intensity, which reflects the ...

2019-10-09 LED Measurement

LED, as one of the most important light sources, nowadays is widely used in different fields because of its unique chara...

2019-10-09 Laser Measurement

With the development of the laser production process and the cost reduction, the laser has been widely used in optical f...

2019-10-09 Color Measurement

From the reflectivity, we can also obtain the color information, such as XYZ or Lab parameters.Usually, reflection probe...

Reflection and transmission are the basic optical properties of objects and the basic content of the spectral measuremen...

Physical Labs of Science College always have some modern physics experiment devices, more or less, mainly for rebuilding...

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