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The standard as known as a reflection standard plate is mainly used for the reference in the reflection measurement. Generally, according to different types of reflection, standard plates are also divided into diffuse reflection standard and specular reflection standard.

The diffuse reflection standard is made of PTFE, and its surface is a Lambertian diffuse reflection surface. The reflected light in any direction complies with the law of cosine. The anodized aluminum shell, which has the characteristics of waterproof and good stability, and it is also available in UV application. The diffuse reflection standard is mainly used for optical calibration measurement, such as light source, color, spectrum analysis, etc. It is one of the important accessories of the optical integrating sphere.

The specular reflection standard is a standard reference used for specular reflectance measurement. It is made by thermal evaporation of high-reflective Al material, which can provide high reflectivity of more than 95% in UV-NIR (200-2500nm) wide spectral range.

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