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Compared with other products, BIM-71/71U series photodetectors have the advantages of doing the data collection and processing inside the detector. This means that the A / D conversion as well as calibration data storing are done in the detector, which ensures the accuracy. BIM-71 series with DB15 interface is connected to the BIM-7001 optical power meter for digital communication, and BIM-71U series with USB interface can be directly connected to the computer with BPM software. Both BIM-71 and BIM-71U provide detectors of UV silicon, silicon, InGaAs and other detectors, covering a wide range of 200nm to 1650nm. Silicon and UV silicon detectors can be equipped with OD1 / OD2 / OD3 attenuator to expand the measurement range.

• Digital photodetector

• Wide wavelength range

• Integrated calibration data storage function

• High precision, fast response, sensitive to wavelength

• OD1 / OD2 / OD3 attenuator optional for silicon and UV silicon detectors

• Removable attenuator with calibration

• Individual calibration for each detector

• Can be equipped with fiber adapters with different interfaces

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