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Miniature Spectrometer

Miniature Spectrometer



BIM-60 series spectrometer adopts miniature optical machine platform. It is compact and portable. The resolution is up to 0.35nm-1nm.

BIM-6002A series spectrometer has a great upgrade in circuit. The dynamic range is enhanced to 10000:1 and the minimum integration time is reduced to 0.5ms. Meanwhile the signal noise ratio is improved to 600:1. All improvements are more suitable for week signal spectrum measurement. The RS232 interface is supported, and enhances anti-jamming performance, which is more beneficial for industrial customers.

• Handy and compact, size is as small as a name card

• Crossed czerny-Turner optical design

• Interference filter to eliminate the secondary diffraction spectrum

• Standard SMA905 fiber connector

• Wavelength range and optical resolutions are selectable

• USB 2.0 for data transmission and power supply

• RS232/RS422 interface

• Multiple trigger mode

• Cylindrical lens is selectable

• Auto display peak wavelength and FWHM

• Fixed holes in the bottom and side are for integration

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