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BIM-68 Series, Infrared Spectrometer
Infrared Spectrometer

Infrared Spectrometer



The BIM-68 series infrared spectrometer adopts a compact opto-mechanical structure and replaceable slits. The InGaAs detector used inside is from Hamamatsu, which makes the spectrometer the high signal-to-noise ratio and low power consumption. The replaceable slits brings the variable sensitivity and resolution.

The BIM-6805 near-infrared spectrometer has a spectral detection range of 950nm-1700nm, which is popular in several applications, such as food, biopharmaceuticals, life sciences and others. It also can be integrated in a testing system.

  • Food and agriculture: Freshness and sugar testing of fruits and vegetables;   Fat and protein content testing of meat;   Quality analysis of grains and seeds, etc.

  • Composition analysis of oil.

  • Component analysis and process monitoring in life sciences and medicine.

  • Material measurement and quality control in the production process of plastic.

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