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High Sensitivity Spectrometer

High Sensitivity Spectrometer



The BIM-69 series of high-performance spectrometer with TE cooler adopts Hamamatsu's area array back-illuminated CCD with TE cooler, available in 1024 pixel and 2048 pixel versions, with very good scientific-grade sensitivity. Its extremely optimized low-noise circuit system uses an 18-bit A/D converter, coupled with an excellent CT optical and opto-mechanical structure, which greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio, sensitivity and thermal stability of the spectrometer, and is very suitable for Raman, fluorescence and other applications of weak spectral signals. In addition, the BIM-69 series adopts a replaceable slit design, and a spectrometer can be configured with various slits to meet the different requirements of resolutions and sensitivity.

The BIM-67 series spectrometer is developed based on the Hamamatsu area array back-illuminated CCD without TE cooler. It is available in two versions: UV-sensitive and NIR-sensitive. It is a cost-effective choice for weak spectrum measurement.

Both the BIM-69 series and the BIM-67 series, their wavelength range and optical resolution can be independently configured, supporting secondary development, trigger control, and deep customization according to your needs.

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