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High Resolution Spectrometer

High Resolution Spectrometer



BIM-66 series spectrometer adopts high resolution opto-mechanical structure. It is compact and portable. The resolution is up to 0.06nm. Customers can choose different gratings to acquire different resolution and wavelength range. In order to meet different needs, we provide two different detectors with 315nm-1100nm and 180nm-1100nm for option. The BIM-6602A series spectrometer has a great upgrade in circuit. The dynamic range is enhanced to 10000:1 and the minimum integration time is reduced to 0.5ms. Meanwhile the signal noise ratio is improved to 600:1. All improvements are more suitable for weak-signal measurement. The RS232 interface is supported and enhances anti-jamming performance which is more beneficial for industrial use.

• Crossed Czerny-turner optical design

• Interference filter to eliminate the secondary diffraction spectrum

• Standard SMA905 fiber connector

• Wavelength range and optical resolutions are selectable

• USB 2.0 for data transmission and power supply.

• Support RS232

• Support multiple-trigger model

• Cylindrical lens is selectable

• Auto display peek wavelength and FWHM

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