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Optical fiber, a common medium that transmits light energy, consisting of a concentric cylindrical structure composed of a fiber core and a cladding. Optical fiber transmission can make the optical measurement system more flexible and modular. There are many materials for making optical fibers, such as plastic, glass, and SiO2. The high-quality optical fiber used in the spectrometer uses quartz material and adjusts the optical properties of the glass by adding trace elements.

Raman probe is designed for laser-induced Raman spectroscopy applications such as 532nm, 785nm, 830nm, 1064nm. It works with semiconductor lasers and spectrometers, forming a Raman testing system.By equipping different sampling holders, it can be used for different samples such as solid, liquid or powder. The OD6 cut-off optical interference filter can greatly reduce the effect of Rayleigh scattering. The compact structure makes Raman probe easier to measure Raman spectrum in most applications.

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